About Me

Music is emotion! Whether it is music for a film or for a TV commercial. Everybody makes decisions based on emotions! A consumer buys a product based on emotions, a film scene comes to life with the emotions of music!

If you’re interested in licensing one or more of my music tracks please contact me.

For all music stems, various stings and alt-versions are available. All music is cleared.

Jelle Peeters is an award winning professional composer, producer and drummer. With is his music Jelle won several awards: Zildjian Drummers Award 1999, 2nd price at The Young Best European Musician Competition 2002, Media Toddler Award for music for the ‘Apps Bo the Giraffe’.

Jelle composed music for various documentaries, films and Apps for clients such as De Telegraaf, Leo de Haas TV Produkties, Hofman Streaming Facilties, Heppi Apps and Rutger Hauer Film Factory.

Jelle studied International Business Communication at the Radboud University. For his master’s research, Jelle researched the effect of music in advertising and how smart composing can increase the customer’s buying attitude.

You can download my Master Thesis here.

Drummer Composer Music Producer Jelle Peeters

Some work from the past!

Dramatic Corporate Movie
Leo de Haas TV Produkties
Documentary 'Play with it'
Feat. Rutger Hauer 
Corporate movie
De Meeuw Bouwbedrijven
HBO's Westworld Scoring Competition